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Shop for T1 Low Price Guarantee: If you find a cheaper T1 Dedicated line price anywhere else, Shop for T1 will match that price and pay you up to five hundred dollars cash back when you purchase through their T1 or Shop for DSL portals. This is an unbelievable offer from our T1 dedicated line search facility. You can order T1 service online with the confidence that you have investigated the top 40 online T1 service providers in the USA! Use our powerful comparison engines to get the best T1, DSL, Cable or Satellite rates. You have to use our own in house search engine as well as our Telebay search engines to get the best results. We have arrangements with over 40 broadband carriers including:- DSLNet, Earthlink, New Edge, Eschelon, Hughes, Direcway, Comcast, Speakeasy, Qwest, Sky River, Internap, Real Linx, BTi, XO, Covad, Global Crossing, Nuvox, Acceris, Internap, ACC Business, Tele Pacific, Telarus, Mega Path, Sprint, US LEC, Netifice, Xspedius, SBC/Yahoo!, BellSouth, Adelphia, Charter, DirectWave, RoadRunner, and MediaCom.

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T1 Dedicated Voice and Data T1 dedicated voice, DSL and Data Service. - 1-Plus Long Distance has direct relationships with over 10 business long distance suppliers, with T1-dedicated interstate rates ranging from 1.8˘/min to 3.5˘/min. Plans vary by geographic area, so please take a moment to fill out our Quote Request form and we will present your quote to over 10 carriers and have a member of our T1 Sales Department contact you within 24 hours to discuss your unique situation. Authorized agents for Telarus, XO Communications, ACC Business, Sprint, Mega Path, New Edge, Netifice, Tele Pacific, Xspedius Communications and US LEC!

For businesses looking for reliable T1 local and long distance, we proudly present ShopforT1. We offer rates as low as 1.9 cents/minute with crystal clear connections. Shop in real-time for T1 loops from service providers in your area and enjoy the personalized attention of our trained experts who are here to answer your questions and assist you with your purchase. We offer everything from local-T1, long distance T1 (inbound and outbound), integrated T1 service, DS3, OCX – you name it, we've got it! Shop from among the top-rated service providers in the industry: ACC Business (AT&T), Sprint, TelePacific, XO, USLEC, Xspedius, Focal, Network Innovations, and more.

Shop for T1 Low Price Guarantee: If you find a cheaper price anywhere else, Shop for T1 will match that price and pay you up to five hundred dollars cash back when you purchase through our partner sites.

Speakeasy DSL ISP SpeakEasy Broadband Internet - Speakeasy, rated NUMBER 1 by DSLReports.com in customer satisfaction, offers the highest quality broadband internet access in the world. Choose from an array of bandwidth packages for both residential and business customers, from ADSL to full T1 speeds. Prices range from $49/month to $750/month and vary according to bandwidth and geographic considerations. Check out fast speeds, unique DSL products, and current promotions. Faster speeds - for home or business. Faster speeds - for home or business. Faster speeds - for home or business. Faster speeds - for home or business. Bigger downloads - no warning letters. Top-rated customer service - empowered 24/7. Private national network - ensures maximum data security. Open policies - share your WiFi or run a server. Easy installation - no-risk 25-day trial!. Up to 6.0 Mbps Download. Best of breed national network.

Zero start up costs. ADSL $199 Value - Business $500 Value - T1 $1099 Value. All for free.

Telebay T1 Broadband Search Engines Telebay's Real-time DSL, Broadband, Satellite and Cable Comparison Engine - Search and find the BEST broadband solution for your business. Whether you have one office or thousands, we can help! Offering DSL, T1 and more at pre-negotiated rates from over 45 carriers! Service is provided FREE of charge with a goal of providing unbiased advice and recommendations regarding all of your broadband and telecommunication options. This service is paid for via partnerships with the 40+ telecom and broadband service providers that want to compete for your business, including: Comcast, Earthlink, SBC Yahoo!, Covad, Speakeasy, and ITC Deltacom. You will pay less by using the this system as it is a more cost effective way for broadband companies to sell their services. We have saved customers, on average, 34% off of their current broadband and telecom expenses.

Shop for dsl broadband Shop for DSL Real-time Comparison Engine - Use our powerful search engine to find the cheapest hi speed broadband connection available wherever you are. You can comparison shop in real-time for residential and small business DSL, Cable, and Satellite Internet in your area! We offer discounted service from SBC/Yahoo!, Earthlink, Verizon, Sprint, BellSouth, Comcast, Adelphia, Charter, DirectWave, RoadRunner, Qwest, and MediaCom! Free installations. Prices start at $19.95 for three months.

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