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International satelliteInternational Call Services:- If you live anywhere in the world outside the USA and would like to significantly lower your phone bill you should consider using modern International Services to bypass the local phone networks and make those international calls .

There are predominantly three services you can subscribe to. The telephone technologies behind each of these international services is more fully described in the individual long distance pages on this website.

We actively encourage consumers to look at all the available international options. Most of them are available worldwide. In the Far East, India and China, PC to phone technology is fast becoming the cheapest international call methodology and is rapidly becoming the international call service of choice. The technology is also perfect for tourists, travelling business people and students away from home.

Best US Interstate and International Long Distance Rates :

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We are proud to present the following International Services:-
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Telcan International Callback Telcan International Callback - Enjoy supreme rates and high quality from any location in the world. No set up fees. Make calls, update loved ones and save money from the comfort of your hotel room and from any country worldwide. Access low US rates and high quality connections from anywhere in the world. Save money by managing long-distance calls under one account no matter how many countries you have offices in. Wether you are a private individual, a seasoned traveller, an expat or a multinational company Telcan's callback will save you money!
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Convergia_S Convergia 4.9 Canadian ˘/minute direct dial long distance. - *Supreme value Canadian product! Excellent long distance service for the Canada residents! Uses state-of-the-art switching facilities and end-to-end network, Convergia presents the fullest potential of today’s broadband revolution. World-class provider of voice, data, and Internet services for residential, business and wholesale customers.

Acculinq Phone Cards AccuLinQ (from 4.9˘ per minute) - Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 8.9˘ per minute, with local access available at 4.9˘ per minute from over 2500 locations. There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment available. A $1 monthly fee applies each month you use the card. Card does not expire and there is no monthly charge if you do not use the card at all in a month.

Accu Globe International Phone Cards AccuGlobe (from 4.9˘ per minute) - Superb USA-48 AND International Origination service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Excellent value in the USA and over 35 countries around the world including Europe, UK, Australia and Japan. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 5.9˘ per minute There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment. A $1 monthly fee applies each month you use the card. Card does not expire and there is no monthly charge if you do not use the card at all in a month.

Cognicall Card CogniCall Global Calling Card (6.9 cents/min) - Travel almost anywhere on planet earth with the peace of mind knowing you can still contact home. CogniCall offers outstanding global origination (works from over 50 countries) calling card service, featuring LOW international and interstate rates, Typical example US-48 origination rates include: UK 6.8 cpm, Germany 6.5 cpm, Italy 10.9 cpm, Japan 11.5 cpm, Moscow 10.8 cpm. Absolutely no monthly or per call minimum charges. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments after one minute minimum. Card does not expire!

Conference call Cogni Conference - CogniConference™ is convenient and affordable. The total cost of a conference call is 9.9 cents/min per leg. National average is $0.25 to $0.30/minute. There are no monthly or per-call surcharges. You pay only for what you use! US origination only! Limited to 16 legs. CogniConference™ is designed for both business and personal/family use. CogniConference's state of the art system is perfect for board or business meetings or even getting together for the holiday, even if everyone can't afford to travel. Need to talk to your entire family at the same time? Do it over the phone! Have important news to share with your whole family? You have questions, we have the solution - CogniConference.

Ultra Conference Call Services Ultra Conference 9.8˘/minute conference calling - Ultra Conference™ is an outstanding on-demand fully automated service available anytime without reservations, enhanced web administration and lots of features. International access from over 30 countries at no additional charge! Ultra Conference is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, Ultra Conference offers one of the broadest arrays of conference calling services to meet your diverse needs. We consistently deliver the value consumers desire and expect with the most sophisticated technology available. We continually streamline and simplify our services to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is critical to the success of our business. Ultra Conference offers two different calling plans - Per Minute Plan with 9.8˘ per minute anytime with no additional charges in over 30 countries, and the Flat Rate Plan where you can make an unlimited number of calls for one low monthly payment. Many popular features are included in both plans.

Simplicity Conference Call Services Simplicity Conference conference calling - Simplicity Conference Perfect for last minute meetings. A departmental update. New product announcements. Weekly sales calls. Employee training sessions. Crisis management. Distance barriers. For all the reasons conference calling is right for your business, Simplicity Conference Calling is the clear choice. Simplicity Conference Calling brings simplicity and convenience to conference calling. Starting a call is as simple as dialing an 800 number and the Moderator PIN Code. To join the call, all participants dial the same 800 number and a Participant PIN Code. It's that easy! Simplicity Conference Calling eliminates the hassles of sign-up fees, monthly commitments, or cancellation charges. Your call times are also unlimited, and our 24 hour technical support team will be there if you have any questions.

World Link World Link - WorldLink lets you avoid expensive local phone charges using WorldLink International Callback. Low cost access to the U.S. phone network lets you bypass your local telephone company for your international calls. You receive itemized monthly billing statements detailing every call made, while usage is conveniently charged to your major credit card. Example per minute rates from Germany to United States is $ 0.10, from Argentina to United States is $ 0.19.
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Kall8_S Kall8 On-The-Fly Programmable Toll Free Service - Route a custom 800 number to your business or residence and change it at anytime using a secure web site. Need freedom? We've got it! Use one of our vanity numbers or use one of your existing numbers by transferring it over. Standard Kall8 numbers are only $2 to set up and $2 per month for account maintenance. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments. Your toll free number can be answered anywhere in the world (International rates apply), so your overseas locations can have a local presence in the US and your customers will not have to make expensive international calls to contact you.

Telcan Dialaround Services Telcan Toll Free Service - TelCan Toll Free Solution will help you boost your business productivity and enable you to strengthen relations with your customers. Switching over is easy! You can either transfer your existing number or select a new customized number. TelCan offers great rates, exceptional service, simple billing and quality connection. Just 4.5c in the USA!. 6.5c in Canada! Toll Free Numbers can forward to any working international phones. Obtain clients in North America, even though your business is overseas. For the home or small business - 800 Numbers are perfect for any home based business, coupled with Telcan's voicemail service you can create a toll free voicemail box, or have a toll free number for your own personal use.
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Net2Phone Free long distance software Net2Phone.- FREE Software. Net2Phone dramatically reduces telephone bills by up to 95% off the cost of traditional long distance calls. Call the U.S. from ANYWHERE for as little as 10˘ Minute! Net2Phone, a service of IDT, enables any Internet user with a sound-equipped PC to initiate calls from a computer and transmit them over the Internet to IDT's central telephone switch. The switch instantly and automatically relays the call to its final destination - any telephone. The result is real time, uninterrupted, full duplex voice communication between two parties.

US businesses with (800), (888) or (877) numbers can use Net2Phone to expand their customer base globally. With Net2Phone most (800), (888), or (877) numbers become universal toll-free numbers, accessible from anywhere in the world. /B>
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Free cellular phones

Cellular Phones - *Free Cellular Phones!* Direct from AT&T or Sprint. Outstanding contracts available in the USA. Free shipping. Fast approvals. No Credit Card required. Free long distance. Fast delivery. Choose from at least 8 plans provisioned by Sprint or 18 plans from AT&T.

Iconnect Global Roaming Card iConnectHere VoIP Calling Card - iConnectHere presents our Global Roaming Calling Card - allowing you to make calls from 28 countries toll- free around the world. Users can easily add funds to their account as well as check a detailed record of their call logs online. With no surcharges, connect fees, and only the charge of the per-minute price of the call, users can monitor and control their account quickly with our online interface. This great value Virtual Calling Card will save you up to 80% with our amazing per minute rates, no connection fees and no expiration fees. Sign up now and get a free $5 bonus!

Free Cellular Phone
Free Cellular Phones!!
Unbelievable deals.
AT&T and Sprint
Nationwide Access. Free Delivery.
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Cognidial Dial Around
"CogniDial DialAround"
"Phenomenal rates from The US to most international long distance destinations!"

Save with PC to phone long distance technology!
"Talk to loved ones the digital way"
Use your PC to connect to any phone anywhere!

Our Tips:-
  • Remember that hotels, motels and inns are reputed to load their phone rates. Call back services can circumvent these exorbitant charges and reduce your long distance call costs.

  • There may be additional rates for calling toll free numbers.

  • There may also be a charge for using your international long distance service from a payphone.

  • International Services are available in India, China and the East.

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