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PC to Phone technologyIP Telephony, Internet Phone Technology and Voice over IP:-  IP Telephony or Voice over IP (VOIP) is directly linked to the internet. The transmission ease and the sheer speed of digital information transfer using broadband brings a crispness that is beyond belief. VOIP technology is now very well developed and reliable and is expanding at an extraordianary rate and people are making local and long distance calls from their PCs more and more. VOIP technology is still improving and the advent of broadband phones has significantly improved audio quality both on local and international long distance. The cost savings available on a global basis make internet phone technology extremely attractive for long distance calls.

In essence you need a mechanism to turn your regular phone, PC or laptop into a telephone. If you wish to make a call via your PC, Voice over IP requires four things in your PC:- a full duplex sound card, a microphone, a speaker and an internet connection. Many users purchase a headset with a built in microphone similar to those used by switchboard operators. This allows you to make your internet phone call using your PC with relative privacy. Voice enhancement cards (which co-exists with your sound card) will significantly enhance your voice over IP experience if you are using Narrowband or dial up connections. Service providers normally (and routinely) provide a software application which turns your computer into a telephone. In most cases this software is free. You require a User Id or name and a Password. Typically there is a graphic representation of a handset on your PC screen which you use to access your PC-to-phone IP telephone system.

Voice over IP comes in other forms where there is a Desktop interface which looks much like an answering machine which does the same job as a PC with all the sound paraphernalia listed above.

Voice over IP is a very cheap and cost effective way of making long distance calls. It can also be used from PC to PC.

Broadband phones now use the internet to carry digital signal to any phone anywhere in the world. They are effective, well researched, the equipment is sound and the costs are often 30% of the equivalent local, long distance or international service. We have dedicted a whole page to broadband phones here.
We are proud to present the following Internet phone,
Voice over IP and PC to Phone and Broadband PhoneServices:-
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- Internet Phone Services and Software -

Net2Phone Free long distance software Net2Phone.- FREE Software. Net2Phone dramatically reduces telephone bills by up to 95% off the cost of traditional long distance calls. Call the U.S. from ANYWHERE for as little as 10˘ Minute! Net2Phone, a service of IDT, enables any Internet user with a sound-equipped PC to initiate calls from a computer and transmit them over the Internet to IDT's central telephone switch. The switch instantly and automatically relays the call to its final destination - any telephone. The result is real time, uninterrupted, full duplex voice communication between two parties. Features low cost calling solutions for individuals and businesses that have either narrowband (dial-up) or broadband (high-speed) Internet access anywhere in the world. The devices available range from single-line solutions that look, feel, and dial like a standard phone (and may not require a PC to make calls) to multiple port gateways that can be connected to a PBX

US businesses with (800), (888) or (877) numbers can use Net2Phone to expand their customer base globally. With Net2Phone most (800), (888), or (877) numbers become universal toll-free numbers, accessible from anywhere in the world.

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Broadband Phone iConnectHere Broadband Phone - Starting at $8.95/month, the iConnectHere Broadband Phone includes unlimited inbound calls from anywhere in the World! Local phone numbers are available in USA, UK and Israel. Grandstream IP Phone only makes the best price and highest quality on the market. No risk, 30-day money back guarantee policy!

iConnecthere PC to Phone Service IconnectHere - iConnectHere.com is the world's leader in Internet Telephony, with the largest privately managed Global IP network in existence. Make calls to any telephone in the world directly from your PC with iConnectHere's new dialer while benefiting from incredibly competitive rates!. With iConnectHere.com, you can reach savings of up to 75% off of your standard telephone bill, and enjoy full member access to all of iConnectHere's value added services, including our inbox feature (voicemail, email, fax), Global Roaming Calling Card, and Member Interactive Center, where you have access to a complete record of your call details and billing records.

Voipnet Local and Long Distance Broadband Phone Voipnet Local, Long Distance, Broadband Phone -Requires a Broadband Internet Connection (DSL, Cable, T1) for a tremendous monthly savings! Use VoipNet anywhere in the world that broadband is available to receive and make Unlimited Calls to the USA and Canada. Total start-up costs start from $59.85 includes first month and shipping. Provides the following additional features:- Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding / Find Me, Super Low International Rates, FREE Virtual Number, Call Transfer, Two great options to choose from starting from $12.95/month with a start up cost of just $59.85!
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Packet8 Broadband Bundled Service Packet 8 Broadband Phone Services - Packet 8 Broadband Phone $19.95 off your first month of service! Get unlimited local and long distance broadband phone service with residential plans as low as $19.95/month and business plan starting from $34.95. *High-speed Internet connection required* Packet8 is an affordable and easy-to-use broadband telephone and videophone service. Designed with both residential and business customers in mind, Packet8 allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) Internet access to use their regular phone to make UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for as little as $19.95 per month. Packet8 subscribers with videophones can make video calls for as little as $29.95 per month.

Vonage Broadband Phones Vonage - Use our number 1 Voice over IP service provider and get the maximum useage out of your Broadband internet connection. Cool Customer Options:- Add multiple phone numbers to your Vonage account. Get a Virtual Phone Number. Virtual phone numbers are secondary numbers from any available area code for your primary Vonage line. SoftPhone - Give your laptop its own phone number and get 500 local and long distance minutes included. Toll Free Plus. Have your own toll free number for only $4.99 per month. 100 incoming minutes included. Fax Service no problem! Customers can get a dedicated fax line for only $9.99 per month. Vonage also offers Enhanced 411 Dialing - For just 99˘ per call, you get access to any listings in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Vonage Broadband is America's most popular broadband service. Order Vonage here!

Broadvox Broadband Phone Broadvox Direct Unlimited calls in the US and Canada - Broadvox allows customers to make unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada from $29.95 per month for residential users and $44.95 for small business. Get an extensive list of features FREE of charge. *High-speed Internet connection required*. Unlimited local regional and long distance calls to USA and Canada with Free Friends and Family number, Find Me, Follow Me services and more! Online Account Management, Caller ID, Voice Mail, Conference Calling, Family Address Book, Speed Dialing, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Logs, Custom Contact List, Call Transfer. Great value product.

My Phone Company My Phone Company Unlimited calls for only $24.99/month - Myphone Company gives you ONE bill from one company with one low price for all your calls to anywhere in USA and Canada with lots of free features for only $24.99 and absolutely NO additional surcharges and NO EARLY TERMINATION FEES!. Free Caller ID, Free Call Waiting, Free Call Waiting Disable, Free Call Waiting with Caller ID, Free Caller ID Block, Free Call Forwarding, Free Call Transfer, Free Three Way Calling, Free Return Call (*69), Free Busy Redial (*66), Free Do Not Disturb, Free Anonymous Call Block,Enhanced Voice Mail, Virtual Number, 411 Directory Assistance ($.75/call for two listings), Free Money Back Guarantee

IConnecthere Broadband Phone iConnectHere Broadband Phone Is Here - Local, long distance, international, and unlimited calling bundles starting at $15.99 per month. Free unlimited in-network calling and features included with every purchase! International phone numbers and shipping available. Three great residential plans and three equally great business plans. Offers pc to phone rates as low as 1.1c/minute. Easy set up, No Risk. All you need for the pc to phone service is a computer with a microphone and speaker.No connection fees, no contract, no hassle. Best price and highest quality on the market

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Net2Phone free long distance call software
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