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Long Distance SatelliteCalling Card:-  A calling card is defined as telecommunication credit card with an AuthCode for using a long distance carrier when the customer is away from their home or office. Phone cards are now being used extensively for residential calls. We have calling cards which are considerably cheaper than local calls in certain US States. We also have a range of international calling cards. These cards can be used to phone from the US to International destinations. Some of our cards can be used internationally from destinations other than the US and are ideally suited for the traveller who wishes to make use of a cheap calling service.

Phone cards or calling cards are available in prepaid and credit forms. Typically a calling card user will pick up a phone anywhere and dial a predetermined number (often Toll Free). The phone card user is prompted for a user ID and a Password before dialing the number they require.

Cards are a misnomer as some cheap calling cards are available without the issue of an actual plastic "credit card". These low value phone cards are issued as a PIN usually by E-mail. This variety normally expires and cannot be renewed. Calling cards can be paid for in all the regular ways:- Credit Cards, Cheques, Cash, Bank Transfers and Drafts.

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Best US Interstate and International Long Distance Rates :

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We are proud to present the following Calling Cards:-
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Monthly Billed Phone Cards
You pay a regular calling card bill at the end of the month!

Acculinq Phone Cards AccuLinQ (from 4.9˘ per minute) - Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 8.9˘ per minute, with local access available at 4.9˘ per minute from over 2500 locations. There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment available. A $1 monthly fee applies each month you use the card. Card does not expire and there is no monthly charge if you do not use the card at all in a month.

Accu Globe International Phone Cards AccuGlobe (from 4.9˘ per minute) - Superb USA-48 AND International Origination service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Excellent value in the USA and over 35 countries around the world including Europe, UK, Australia and Japan. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 5.9˘ per minute There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment. A $1 monthly fee applies each month you use the card. Card does not expire and there is no monthly charge if you do not use the card at all in a month.

Accuchat US only Phone Card AccuChat (from 3.9˘ per minute) - AccuChat Domestic Calling Card Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring Low Domestic 4.9˘ rates from local access areas and 6.9˘ rate from national access areas. AccuChat also offers a low 3.9˘ rate from the Dallas and Fort Worth areas utilizing local access telephone numbers. Card does not expire and there is no monthly charge if you do not use the card at all in a month. Billed monthly, there is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. For commercial and residential use. Web call details, automatic credit card payment. A $1 fee applies each month you use the card. Super value in the USA!

Cognicall Card CogniCall Global Calling Card (6.9 cents/min) - Travel almost anywhere on planet earth with the peace of mind knowing you can still contact home. CogniCall offers outstanding global origination (works from over 50 countries) calling card service, featuring LOW international and interstate rates, Typical example US-48 origination rates include: UK 6.8 cpm, Germany 6.5 cpm, Italy 10.9 cpm, Japan 11.5 cpm, Moscow 10.8 cpm. Absolutely no monthly or per call minimum charges. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments after one minute minimum. Card does not expire!

Simplicity 3.9c Simplicity Calling Card - The Simplicity calling card is available with our Simplicity Dial 1 Long Distance service. This NO FEE, NO HASSLE long distance program allows you call anywhere within the Continental U.S. for as little as 4.5˘ per minute! Other providers have minimum requirements, monthly fees, and long-term commitments. Not so with Simplicity! This service is so affordable, you can even obtain a personal toll-free number for family members, or a business number for your customers. Both services are billed at the same low rate!
(newService -Not in our Search Engine!)

PNG Calling Card PowerNet Global 9.7˘/minute calling card - Ride the Light of the Fiber Optic Nationwide Network of Qwest with stand alone travel card offered by PowerNet Global featuring 9.7 US domestic rate anytime and great International rates. All Travel Cards come with the International Access activated, meaning you can call anywhere in the world from North America! (48 Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USVI, and even Canada!) You are charged for usage only. All calls are billing in 6-second increments with 30 seconds minimum per call.!
(newService -Not in our Search Engine!)

World Link International World Link (Call Back Service) - Competitive International Callback Rates. 6 Second Billing, 30 Second Minimum. Calls are conveniently billed to your major credit card. Optional Follow-Me Allows User Re-Programming of Callback Number. Auto-Route Offers Customized Extension/Room Number Prompting. Monthly minimum usage requirement is $5 per access number.
(newService -Not in our Search Engine!)

PrePaid Phone Cards
You pay for your calling before you use it!

Cognitalk Calling Cards Cogni-Talk No Surcharge (8.9˘ per minute).Ultra-Discounted Prepaid Calling Card. (US-48 origination). Great rates to all International Destinations. Not rechargeable. Quantity discounts available. Email PINs only - same day delivery! Instant PINS available! Get your $20 prepaid no-surcharge calling card for only 8.9 cents/min. (Cards available only in $20 increments. Continental USA-48 origination only. Bulk discounts available). Call charges that compute to less than one cent will be rounded up to the nearest cent.

Talk Home PrePaid Value TalkHome Calling Card (3.9˘ per minute) - Prepaid Calling Card (US-48 origination) with great International rates. 3.8˘ Germany, 3.8˘ Italy, 19.9˘ India, Japan 5.9˘, Russia 3.8˘, USA 3.3˘... Excellent value across the USA. Instant PINS available. Great value for long duration calls to international destinations! Whether you are a business traveler, college student or want to stay in touch with your family abroad, the TalkHome International prepaid calling card is an excellent choice for your calling needs. With its 3.3˘ domestic Interstate rate and low International and Intrastate rates, this is a card that will save you money immediately. This card is for USA-48 state and Hawaii toll free origination. Local access is available in Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The United Kingdom.

Usatel Phone Card USATel (8.9˘ per minute) - Rechargeable Prepaid Calling Card. (US-48 origination). 5.9˘ per minute US domestic rate. No surcharges of any kind, no monthly fees, no large minimum minutes (65˘ FCC payphone fee may apply). This prepaid card provides full rechargeability on a no mess no fuss basis. Order a USATel phone card today it's convenient, practical, powerful and cheap.

Iconnect Global Roaming Card iConnectHere VoIP Calling Card - iConnectHere presents our Global Roaming Calling Card - allowing you to make calls from 28 countries toll- free around the world. Users can easily add funds to their account as well as check a detailed record of their call logs online. With no surcharges, connect fees, and only the charge of the per-minute price of the call, users can monitor and control their account quickly with our online interface. This great value Virtual Calling Card will save you up to 80% with our amazing per minute rates, no connection fees and no expiration fees. Sign up now and get a free $5 bonus!

8.9c US Calling Card - No mess - No Fuss!
"Supreme Value in the US! Call home for as little as 4.9c/min"
Personal and Corporate - No surcharge!
The traveller's friend!!
5 STAR value!

Free Cellular Phone
Free Cellular Phones!!
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Our Phone Card Tips:-
  • Discounts are often available for bulk calling card purchases. Why not syndicate a whole lot of your friends and bulk buy your phone cards?

  • Always check if there is a delivery charge for you Phone Card. This is particularly important when you are choosing low value calling cards. For example a $10.00 Card with $10.00 delivery and a $15.00 dollar wire transfer fee is Very Expensive when compared with a $10.00 electronic PIN.

  • Consider calling cards as a fund raiser for your school or charity. Buy phone cards in bulk at a discounted rate and sell them - passing the profit on to your favorite charity or school.

  • Phone Cards with your logo printed on them are great as promotional items or Christmas Gifts.

  • Calling cards can appear to be very cheap. Verify with the provider wether the card as either a connection fee or a surcharge or both. These can make your calling card rate very expensive. On the other hands cards with a low per minute rate and a high surcharge (often called a BONG) can be a very cheap way of making long duration calls.

  • There may be additional rates for calling toll free numbers.

  • Some calling cards expire or are time constrained. In most cases unused minutes are lost.

  • There may also be a charge for using your phone or calling card from a payphone.

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