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Internet Service Providers SatelliteInternet Services:- Here we offer quality discounted internet access. In the 21st century an efficient and reliable service provider is essential. The advent of high graphic content, flash and shockwave websites, plus the need for reliable email services make choosing a good ISP a vital necessity. Get online today for 50% less than the 'big guys' are charging, without any annoying pop-up ads or hassle. You'll be glad you did! Choose from dial up service to broadband DSL and satellite services. Our new search engines provide the power to compare broadband, cable, satellite and dial ups with the click of a mouse. Get a broadband connection and a experience the savings of the new VOIP and broadband phones. We have something for you.-

The Internet service providers (ISP s) we represent:-
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CogniSurf Dialup ISP CogniSurf Dial-Up Service ($7.95/month!) - Access the web on your terms! Get CogniSurf Unlimited Dial-Up Internet Service for just $7.95 per month. We offer 56K connections, unlimited access to the web, thousands of dial-up locations in the U.S. and Canada, and top quality customer service. Surf's up! Whether you are a reseller or an individual, CogniSurf™ has dial-up Internet solutions to meet your specific needs. Three great plans to choose from.

Direcway Satellite Internet
Rapid Satellite
Rapid Satellite - Direcway Satellite Internet sales. Rapid Satellite is the biggest independant Direcway Satellite Internet installer. DIRECWAY Satellite Broadband is the new high-speed Internet solution that's available to everyone in the continental United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with a clear view of the southern sky. DIRECWAY Satellite Broadband offered through DIRECTV uses satellites to provide you with an ultra fast, permanently connected Internet connection! This means you can enjoy the Internet like it was meant to be. DIRECWAY Satellite Broadband gets you online instantly, keeps you online and lets you surf and open pages faster and download files in a fraction of the time it takes a dial-up modem.. This is the best Direcway Satellite Internet deal on the net. Get your FREE Direcway Broadband Satellite Internet System. Click here. Rapid Satellite is the biggest single dealer and installer of Directv and Direcway in the USA. Don't delay get your Direcway Satellite System today. Direcway is often confused with Direct Way Satellite internet.

Cogni Fast Internet Service CogniFast. Internet access from only $9.95 per month - With FREE anti-spam/anti-virus protection included and FREE toll-free customer service, CogniFast is the value priced leader for quality Internet service. CogniFast offers TRUE UNLIMITED access across the US and Canada. V-92 is available in 95% of the coverage area for faster internet connections. Experience the Internet as it was meant to be experienced...sign up for CogniFast today! Best buy!

World Verge Internet Service World Verge $9.95 Per Month Dial-up Internet Service - Need a faster connection but don't want to pay for broadband? Services available from World Verge include dial up Internet access, Accelerated Internet access, and a Family Filter for either access plan. Order World Verge today! Excellent Value! Great Speed! World Verge Internet service was established to provide low cost Internet service with reliable connections and superior customer service. With World Verge ISP, you will have incredible service at your fingertips, while paying only $9.95 a month - about half the cost of big name providers like EarthLink and AOL. Not only are we more affordable, 9 out of 10 of our Internet service customers experience a faster connection speed with World Verge Internet service than their previous ISP.

Shop for dsl broadband Shop for DSL Real-time Comparison Engine - Use our powerful search engine to find the cheapest hi speed broadband connection available wherever you are. You can comparison shop in real-time for residential and small business DSL, Cable, and Satellite Internet in your area! We offer discounted service from SBC/Yahoo!, Earthlink, Verizon, Sprint, BellSouth, Comcast, Adelphia, Charter, DirectWave, RoadRunner, Qwest, and MediaCom! Free installations. Prices start at $19.95 for three months.

Toll Free ISP TollFree ISP - Individual and multi-user prepaid global dialup Internet access connection for those who travel on business or pleasure and need low cost, high quality Internet access and those who don't need more than 20 hours per month of Internet connectivity. Great for broadband users who require Internet access away from the home or office. "Pay as you go" pricing plans as low as $4.79 per year with toll free Internet access from anywhere in the US for less than 4 cents per minute and local dial access for a penny a minute. The businessman's partner. Do not get on the road without this product!

Telebay Accelerated ISP Telebay ISP accelerated dialup internet - You can now zip through the Web at 3 - 6 times the speed of your current provider! Don't have DSL in your area? Can't afford it? No problem! Utilizing TelebayISP, you can now obtain near-DSL speeds anywhere a phone line is available. We have over 20,000 dial-in access numbers, making our service available in almost any market!

Telebay T1 Broadband Search Engines Telebay's Real-time DSL, Broadband, Satellite and Cable Comparison Engine - Search and find the BEST broadband solution for your business. Whether you have one office or thousands, we can help! Offering DSL, T1 and more at pre-negotiated rates from over 45 carriers! Service is provided FREE of charge with a goal of providing unbiased advice and recommendations regarding all of your broadband and telecommunication options. This service is paid for via partnerships with the 40+ telecom and broadband service providers that want to compete for your business, including: Comcast, Earthlink, SBC Yahoo!, Covad, Speakeasy, and ITC Deltacom. You will pay less by using the this system as it is a more cost effective way for broadband companies to sell their services. We have saved customers, on average, 34% off of their current broadband and telecom expenses.

PNG Internet Service PowerConnect High-speed dial-up Internet access - PowerConnect High Speed is a premier service that provides unlimited monthly access to the internet with speeds up to 5 times faster then the regular dial-up. Signup now to receive the outstanding offer of only $1 for the first month.

Speakeasy DSL ISP SpeakEasy Broadband Internet - Speakeasy, rated NUMBER 1 by DSLReports.com in customer satisfaction, offers the highest quality broadband internet access in the world. Choose from an array of bandwidth packages for both residential and business customers, from ADSL to full T1 speeds. Prices range from $49/month to $750/month and vary according to bandwidth and geographic considerations. Check out fast speeds, unique DSL products, and current promotions. Faster speeds - for home or business. Faster speeds - for home or business. Faster speeds - for home or business. Faster speeds - for home or business. Bigger downloads - no warning letters. Top-rated customer service - empowered 24/7. Private national network - ensures maximum data security. Open policies - share your WiFi or run a server. Easy installation - no-risk 25-day trial!. Up to 6.0 Mbps Download. Best of breed national network.

Zero start up costs. ADSL $199 Value - Business $500 Value - T1 $1099 Value. All for free.

Simplicity 3.9c Simplicity 3.9¢ and 3.5¢ per minute - This NO FEE*, NO HASSLE long distance program allows you call anywhere within the Continental U.S. for only 3.9¢ per minute! Simplicity 3.5 was designed with small businesses in mind. You'll have no long-term commitments and great rates usually reserved for larger companies. Bundled Internet available. No Minimum Usage! Toll-free number for your customers at no additional charge. Both services are billed at the same 3.9¢ rate! 3.5c rates available for usage in excess of $100/month. 3.5c refer a friend plan!
(newService -Not in our Search Engine!)

Simple Biz Hosting SimpleBizHosting - Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, everyone gets one chance on the Internet to make a first impression. Your website, hosted by Simple Biz Hosting, is your opportunity to define the image you want for yourself in today's online community. Simple, fast and online in minutes.

Warpspeed Hosting Warp Speed Web Hosting (Unix Hosting) - Warp Speed Hosting offers hosting packages as low as $9.95 per month (for Cognigen mirror sites), over 150 different OC3 connections to over 150 of the largest Internet backbones such as MCI, Sprint, UUNet (same location as yahoo.com, ebay.com, hotmail.com, and many others which result in 15%-25% more completed web transactions/sales over locations without this sort of connectivity), Frontpage support, e-commerce solution, detailed web statistics, daily backups, easy-to-use control panel, with high performance UNIX web servers supporting standard Perl scripts and programs. Warp Speed can also help you any of your sites related needs.

Toll Free ISP Global
"Toll Free ISP!!"
5800 US numbers!
Over 10000 International Numbers!
Pricing plans as low as $4.79 per year
Internet access from anywhere in the US for less than 4 cents per minute - Click here!

newDSL and T1 for home or business
Speak Easy DSL for home or business
"Speakeasy Broadband Internet!"
Packages for both residential and business!
From ADSL to full T1 speeds
5 STAR value!

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