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Home Security and Terrorism alerts
Forewarned is Forearmed. Be prepared! Protect yourself and your loved ones

International satelliteHome security systems:- Protect yourself and your family. Crime is on the increase. Terrorism is a fact of life. What to do? Be prepared is the answer. Statistics show that families and individuals who take precautions survive. Your life, your family, your wife and children, your home and your car are the most important things you posess. Why put them at risk? For as little as $30 a month you can be totally on top of the game. Beat the bad guys. Get yourself a home security system and a terrorism alert service today. Free alarm equipment and free installation. It doesn't get better than that.

Right alongside our great telephone and internet products we are proud to bring you:-. It's never too late to beat the forces of evil! Be prepared - get your self protection systems in place today! You have to live with your conscience if something goes wrong. Protect your wife and children when you are away from home. Stay on top of the global situation. It is the responsible thing to do!
We are proud to present the following Security and Terrorism alert products:-
(Please click on the individual links or the respective logos for details)

Great Alarms Home Security Systems Great Alarms Free Installation and free hardware from $29.95/mo - Great Alarms home security systems offers friendly customer support - all orders are taken over the phone where you can ask as many questions as you want. Most of the plans are $29.95/month, with free hardware and free installation! Your home and your family's safety is critically important! Our home security systems will help defend your family against the threat of home invasion, burglary and forced entry. Make sure you're prepared to get help in the event of an emergency. This is the intruder detection deal to end all deals! Free alarm system and free installation! A General Electric Interlogix product. General Electric the name you can trust.
ADT Alarm Systems ADT Alarms - Get a home alarm system from ADT. Free first two months monitoring. Three great packages:- Burglary only, Burglary and Fire package and Burglary, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Package. Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide And Medical Alert Monitoring Requires Purchase And/Or Activation Of An ADT Security System With Monitored Burglary, Smoke/Fire, Carbon Monoxide And Medical Alert Devices. Fire, Carbon Monoxide And Medical Alert Services Are An Additional Charge. Get an ADT Home Alarm from TYCO fire and security. Click here now!
Homeland Security Information Service AlertsUSA - AlertsUSA is the only company in the US to provide domestic terror alerts, warnings, and other crucial homeland security information in wireless streaming audio and SMS text messaging to literally any cellular telephone or paging system in the USA. Information is derived from the Dept. of Homeland Security, DOJ, FBI, FEMA, NIPC and a number of other vital government agencies. This service is in use by the general public, military, law enforcement and other first responders. This service is a must have for people on the move and commercial travellers away from home. Stay on top of the terrorism threat - subscribe today.

As threats of terrorism against the U.S. continue to grow in scope and frequency, professionals in all areas of security, counter terrorism, emergency first response and law enforcement demand the most accurate, timely information available in order to increase their level of threat awareness. You should too.

The Homeland Security Information System from AlertsUSA delivers near instant notification of domestic terror alerts, warnings, threat level changes, terrorism events, response guidance and other crucial information direct to your cellular telephone or other wireless device.

Subscriptions start at $2.99/month. Get yours today!

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Our Tips:-
  • Remember to lock your doors even when you are at home.

  • Inform your local police if your premises will be empty for extended periods of time.

  • Leave lights on even if there is nobody at home.

  • Always alarm your home at night. Do not be lazy about this

  • Get a friend to collect your mail when you are away.

  • Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions when you are away.

  • Never leave an expected return date on a telephone answering machine.

  • Make proper arrangements for any pets and animals you may have.

  • Leave a key with someone local you can trust. Do not leave keys under mats or flower pots.

  • Always lock your car doors and windows.

  • Keep your home and health insurance policies current.

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