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Long distance satellite optionsToll Free Services:- A toll free number, also known as an "800 number", is a service where the person receiving the call pays for the call, rather than the person making the call. This encourages people to contact you at no expense to them. The idea of a toll free number was originally conceived for use by large, mid-sized, small and home based businesses. In the USA residential customers are using toll free numbers as an alternative to calling cards and collect calls. This enables them to call home while travelling at very low cost.

Currently, any phone number beginning with 800, 888, 877 or 866 is a toll free number. Toll free service comes in three varieties:-
The Toll Free Services we represent:-
(Please click on the individual links or the respective logos for details)

Kall8_S Kall8 On-The-Fly Programmable Toll Free Service - Route a custom 800 number to your business or residence and change it at anytime using a secure web site. Need freedom? We've got it! Use one of our vanity numbers or use one of your existing numbers by transferring it over. Standard Kall8 numbers are only $2 to set up and $2 per month for account maintenance. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments. Your toll free number can be answered anywhere in the world (International rates apply), so your overseas locations can have a local presence in the US and your customers will not have to make expensive international calls to contact you.

Telcan Toll Free Services Telcan Toll Free Service - TelCan Toll Free Solution will help you boost your business productivity and enable you to strengthen relations with your customers. Switching over is easy! You can either transfer your existing number or select a new customized number. TelCan offers great rates, exceptional service, simple billing and quality connection. Just 4.5c in the USA!. 6.5c in Canada! Toll Free Numbers can forward to any working international phones. Obtain clients in North America, even though your business is overseas. For the home or small business - 800 Numbers are perfect for any home based business, coupled with Telcan's voicemail service you can create a toll free voicemail box, or have a toll free number for your own personal use.
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PowerNetGlobal Long Distance PowerNetGlobal (3.9¢ per minute) - *Stand Alone Toll Free Service by PowerNet global - no need to switch long distance! 3 special developed rate plans available starting at 3.9 cents/minute anytime and low In-State rates. You do NOT have to order out-bound 1+ service to order PNG Toll Free Service! Features 6-second billing, 18-second minimum for 4.9 and 5.9 rate plans. No monthly fee if usage is over $15! IN-bound Toll Free Service is available for residential and business accounts. You pay only for usage - no service charges!

Existing PNG customers - click here to add toll free service to your account. Please be sure to include your account number.

AccuDial Dial Around Service AccuDiaL - Get your own toll free 800 number for your home, business or overseas location and forward it at anytime INSTANTANEOUSLY via a secure web site. This is a great product for people on the go, who do not want to miss that important phone call. You can have the number forwarded to anywhere in the world. Choose from one of our Toll Free numbers, or use one of your existing numbers. Low monthly service fee per number, NO SET UP FEES!

Simplicity 3.9c Simplicity 3.9¢ and 3.5¢ per minute - This NO FEE*, NO HASSLE long distance program allows you call anywhere within the Continental U.S. for only 3.9¢ per minute! Simplicity 3.5 was designed with small businesses in mind. You'll have no long-term commitments and great rates usually reserved for larger companies. Bundled Internet available. No Minimum Usage! Toll-free number for your customers at no additional charge. Both services are billed at the same 3.9¢ rate! 3.5c rates available for usage in excess of $100/month. 3.5c refer a friend plan!
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Covista Communications low cost Covista Communications (3.9¢ per minute) - *Awesome International Rates!* Covista Communications Long Distance. Superb (USA-48 origination) service, featuring ultra low intrastate and 3.9¢ interstate rates with 6-second billing increments. Travel Card (10¢/min) Services also available. Online signup. Perfect for commercial and residential users. Direct billed via U.S. mail. Toll Free Service available for residential and business long distance customers.

Vonage Broadband Phones Vonage Broadband Phones - Use our number 1 Voice over IP service provider and get the maximum useage out of your Broadband internet connection. Cool Customer Options:- Add multiple phone numbers to your Vonage account. Get a Virtual Phone Number. Virtual phone numbers are secondary numbers from any available area code for your primary Vonage line. SoftPhone - Give your laptop its own phone number and get 500 local and long distance minutes included. Toll Free Plus. Have your own toll free number for only $4.99 per month. 100 incoming minutes included. Fax Service no problem! Customers can get a dedicated fax line for only $9.99 per month. Vonage also offers Enhanced 411 Dialing - For just 99¢ per call, you get access to any listings in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Vonage Broadband is America's most popular broadband service. Order Vonage here!

Opex Long Distance OPEX (2.95¢ per minute) - *100 free interstate minutes* OPEX Long Distance. Supreme (USA origination) service, featuring low intrastate and 2.95¢ interstate rates for all residential customers. Secure online signup. Receive an 8% discount by prepaying for your OPEX service. IN-bound Toll Free Service is available for residential and business users at identical low rates. Outstanding plan for businesses: 2.95¢ per minute state to state, 18 second minimum 6 second billing increments. $2.00 monthly fee applies for usage under $20.
En Español - Order Opex in Spanish

Unitel Long Distance Unitel (2.7¢ per minute) - *6 second billing!* Unitel Long Distance offers business and residents an unbelievable (USA-48 origination) service, featuring low intrastate and 2.7¢ interstate rates. Utilize the Six second billing and 18 second minimum feature and cut your phone costs by up to 15%. Online signup. Direct billed via U.S. mail. IN-bound Toll Free Service is available for residential and business users. NOTE: This service is only available in 'Baby Bell' Areas (Pacific Bell, Bell South, Ameritech, US West, Southwest Bell, Bell Atlantic)*

Zline 800 Personal Toll Free ZLine 800 line from Trinsic - *Now, never be out of touch with your own Personal Toll-Free number. Use it from any phone, especially your cellular phone, to make or receive phone calls. Utilize the power of PVA to simplify and organize your life, all through the power of your voice. Retrieve important phone numbers and addresses from your PVA Address Book by phone. Pick up your phone and call someone by speaking their name. You'll never have to remember all those phone numbers again! 6.9¢ per minute rate includes both in-bound and out-bound calls.

Ztel Z-Tel Bundled, unlimited and voicemail services - *Great value product! Unlimited long distance, or local and long distance bundled service with outstanding features included such as Personal Voice Assistant, for a low monthly payment. Bundled service! Toll free service available.

Net2Phone Free long distance software Net2Phone.- FREE Software. Net2Phone dramatically reduces telephone bills by up to 95% off the cost of traditional long distance calls. Call the U.S. from ANYWHERE for as little as 10¢ Minute! Net2Phone, a service of IDT, enables any Internet user with a sound-equipped PC to initiate calls from a computer and transmit them over the Internet to IDT's central telephone switch. The switch instantly and automatically relays the call to its final destination - any telephone. The result is real time, uninterrupted, full duplex voice communication between two parties.

US businesses with (800), (888) or (877) numbers can use Net2Phone to expand their customer base globally. With Net2Phone most (800), (888), or (877) numbers become universal toll-free numbers, accessible from anywhere in the world. /B>
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Toll Free ISP Global
"Toll Free ISP!!"
5800 US numbers!
Over 10000 International Numbers!
Pricing plans as low as $4.79 per year
Internet access from anywhere in the US for less than 4 cents per minute - Click here!

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opex long distance
OPEX Long Distance Offers unprecedented value to US based customers!!
No Per Call Surcharges. Ideal for commercial and residential use.
6 second billing means you pay for what you use!
US Only Service.

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