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Long distance satellite optionsLocal Service and Bundled Local and Long Distance Services:- See how you can save up to 50% on your local telephone service. You can finally say NO to your existing local telephone company! Local and long distance telephone services in a bundle help you save money every month! Introducing for the first time - combined local and long distance telephone services! Get your local dial tone and long distance in a bundle, for one LOW monthly fee. Now you can have ONE BILL instead of two, and for only a fraction of the cost you are paying now...
The Local and Bundled Services we represent:-
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Talk America Talk America - Talk America is an integrated communications provider marketing a bundle of local and long distance services to residential and small business customers utilizing its proprietary "real-time" online billing and customer service platform. Talk America provides a complete communications package that combines basic local and long distance calling with popular and unique features. The services are based on the efficiency of its low-cost, nationwide network and the effectiveness of its systems. Choose from Residential, Business or Long Distance plans. If you are a an International caller choose from 3 excellent international plans.

Packet8 Broadband Bundled Service Packet 8 Broadband Phone Services - Packet 8 Broadband Phone $19.95 off your first month of service! Get unlimited local and long distance broadband phone service with residential plans as low as $19.95/month and business plan starting from $34.95. *High-speed Internet connection required* Packet8 is an affordable and easy-to-use broadband telephone and videophone service. Designed with both residential and business customers in mind, Packet8 allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) Internet access to use their regular phone to make UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for as little as $19.95 per month. Packet8 subscribers with videophones can make video calls for as little as $29.95 per month.

PNG Bundled Services PowerNet Global Local Service Local and unlimited long distance - PowerNet Global now offers residential local dial tone service in areas of CA,FL, GA, IN, IL, KY, MA, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA, WA and WI. (More states will be added soon.) Now you can have PowerNet Global for both local service and long distance. There are four basic packages to choose from. PNG local and long distance packages are excellent value for money. One package even offers Unlimited Long Distance calls to USA and Canada!.

My Phone Company My Phone Company Unlimited calls for only $24.99/month - Myphone Company gives you ONE bill from one company with one low price for all your calls to anywhere in USA and Canada with lots of free features for only $24.99 and absolutely NO additional surcharges and NO EARLY TERMINATION FEES!. Free Caller ID, Free Call Waiting, Free Call Waiting Disable, Free Call Waiting with Caller ID, Free Caller ID Block, Free Call Forwarding, Free Call Transfer, Free Three Way Calling, Free Return Call (*69), Free Busy Redial (*66), Free Do Not Disturb, Free Anonymous Call Block,Enhanced Voice Mail, Virtual Number, 411 Directory Assistance ($.75/call for two listings), Free Money Back Guarantee

Broadvox Broadband Phone Broadvox Direct Unlimited calls in the US and Canada - Broadvox allows customers to make unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada from $29.95 per month for residential users and $44.95 for small business. Get an extensive list of features FREE of charge. *High-speed Internet connection required*. Unlimited local regional and long distance calls to USA and Canada with Free Friends and Family number, Find Me, Follow Me services and more! Online Account Management, Caller ID, Voice Mail, Conference Calling, Family Address Book, Speed Dialing, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Logs, Custom Contact List, Call Transfer. Great value product.

Ztel Z-Tel Bundled, unlimited and voicemail services - *Great value product! Unlimited long distance, or local and long distance bundled service with outstanding features included such as Personal Voice Assistant, for a low monthly payment. Bundled service! Toll free service available.

Iconnect Global Roaming Card iConnectHere Broadband Phone Is Here - iLocal, long distance, international, and unlimited calling bundles starting at $15.99 per month. Free unlimited in-network calling and features included with every purchase! International phone numbers and shipping available. iConnectHere is the consumer division of DeltaThree, Inc., an industry leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP is the next generation of telephone technology that offers many advantages over circuit-switched technology used by traditional phone companies.

Simplicity 3.9c Simplicity 3.9˘ and 3.5˘ per minute - This NO FEE*, NO HASSLE long distance program allows you call anywhere within the Continental U.S. for only 3.9˘ per minute! Simplicity 3.5 was designed with small businesses in mind. You'll have no long-term commitments and great rates usually reserved for larger companies. Bundled Internet available. No Minimum Usage! Toll-free number for your customers at no additional charge. Both services are billed at the same 3.9˘ rate! 3.5c rates available for usage in excess of $100/month. 3.5c refer a friend plan!
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Zline Local and Long Distance Z Line Local services - Traditional Local Phone Services. Three great plans for residential and commercial customers. Z-Tel was founded in 1996 and became the first national local telephone service provider in the U.S., covering a larger area than any regional Bell company with residential and business customers in most states. Provides the following services:- Voicemail with PVA, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting ID, Speed Dial, Find Me Call Forwarding, Notify Me, Conference Calling, TeleMAIL, Voice Emails, InfoStream & more!
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Cleartel Local and Long Distance Cleartel Local, Long Distance, Bundled and Internet services - Cleartel has grown to become a leading provider, offering a complete package of local, long distance and Internet solutions for consumer and small business customers since 1994. Cleartel connects you to your family and friends by providing a full suite of local, long distance and Internet products since 1994. Known for their superior customer support. Experience the difference with Cleartel solutions. Provides the following additional features:- Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting ID, Speed Dial 30, Distinctive Ring, Busy Redial, Call Return! Three great options to choose from starting from $13.95/month!
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Voipnet Local and Long Distance Broadband Phone Voipnet Local, Long Distance, Broadband Phone -Requires a Broadband Internet Connection (DSL, Cable, T1) for a tremendous monthly savings! Use VoipNet anywhere in the world that broadband is available to receive and make Unlimited Calls to the USA and Canada. Total start-up costs start from $59.85 includes first month and shipping. Provides the following additional features:- Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding / Find Me, Super Low International Rates, FREE Virtual Number, Call Transfer, Two great options to choose from starting from $12.95/month with a start up cost of just $59.85!
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Simplicity Bundled Service
"Simplicity 3.9c flat rate 24/7! No extra charge for toll free!"
No monthly fee - No monthly minimums!
6 sec billing increments!
5 STAR value!

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opex long distance
OPEX Long Distance Offers unprecedented value to US based customers!!
No Per Call Surcharges. Ideal for commercial and residential use.
6 second billing means you pay for what you use!
8% Prepay Bonus!.

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