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1-Plus Long Distance Calls
A Consumer oriented long distance service!

Welcome to the 1 Plus telecommunications Cellular Phone search engine! Our objective is to indicate which cellular phone services are the most cost effective for your particular requirements. We currently have excellent deals from AT&T and Sprint. Competitive rates from both service providers are included in the search facility so that an impartial choice can be made. They both offer different packages with additional add on facilities. Free Long distance is on offer in certain instances. Please examine the options carefully and choose the option that best suits our mobile needs. The intention is to provide a powerful tool so that each customer's individual telecommunication needs are catered for.

There is a comprehensive set of instructions on the cellular phone site. We suggest you start there, print the page out and then use the best mobile deal calculator.

Here is a list of all our available search engines in case you are in the wrong place:-

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The form below is for TMobile, AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, Nextel and Liberty Wireless

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We are proud to present the following Cellular Phone Services:-
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Cellular Phones
From Ultimate Cellular and Cognigen!

Nationwide Cellular/PCS services - 1-Plus Long Distance and Cognigen Networks Inc are proud to offer the finest in wireless systems through providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Nextel, Cingular and more! You can enjoy calling plans that fit your individual needs at a price you can't beat! Our calling plans start at just $29.99 a month* with additional features like NO long distance and NO roaming charges! Best of all, we offer Free phones!

Siemens c35
Wireless Number Portability is Here! - 1-Plus Long Distance and Cognigen is excited to offer a unique wireless number portability tool that will help you find the best plan that and save up to 40%. Get a new cell plan and Free Phone while you keep your same number. Awesome Value. Shop by plan. Shop by carrier or shop by phone and get the plan for cellular phone you have or want!

Liberty Wireless By Cognigen - No Credit Check. Free Phone. If you are one of the millions who have been turned down for a cell phone due to inadequate credit, this is the plan for you! 300 anytime minutes, 1000 night and weekend minutes. Includes Free Long Distance and Nationwide Coverage.

T29 Prepaid Mobiles Ultimate Prepaid Cellular - Free 100 Air Time miniutes. Free International Calls. Free Long Distance. Free roaming and voicemail. Free three way calling. No Activation Fees and No Contract. If you can pay for it its yours! No fuss. No credit checks. Excellent Value!

Free Cellular Phone
Free Cellular Phones!!
Unbelievable deals.
AT&T and Sprint
Nationwide Access. Free Delivery.
Best Cellphone Deal Search Engine - Click here!

Can my cellphone / mobile use these long distance services??

Your cell phone number is assigned an ANI (Automatic Number Identification), just like any other regular phone.

This number is used to refer to any phone number and is associated with the telephone station(s) from which switched calls are originated (or terminated).

If your cell phone service provider allows you to select your own long distance service it can be provisioned just like any other phone.

Use one of our inexpensive calling cards with your cell phone and smash the rates even more! Our calling cards are here.

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