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With the advent of modern technology, long distance calls are becoming cheaper by the day. The data below is provided to clearly explain how this is possible and why you need a long distance carrier.
(Local Access Transport Area)

In the United States each telephone instrument is in a specific LATA.
  • LATAs are represented in the US by about two hundred 3 digit numbers.
  • The location you initiate a call from will be in one unique LATA.
  • You may be making a call:-
    call ballWithin this same LATA. ( an intrastate call or intralata call ).
    call ballTo another LATA. ( an interstate call ).
    call ballTo some international destination in the world. ( an international call ).
Which telephone services
may operate
within your LATA?

  • Your Local Telephone Company - also called a LEC (Local Exchange Carrier).
  • RBOCS (Regional Bell Operating Companies).
  • GTE.
  • Your LD (Long Distance) Carrier if you have one.
The Different Rates:

  • Intrastate or Intralata rates apply within your LATA.
  • These may be significantly different than Interstate rates.
  • Interstate rates may be different again than International Rates
How does one LATA connect to another LATA if the LECs can only operate within specific areas??
  • This service is normally provided by an IEC or Inter Exchange Carrier
    IECs connect one LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) to another LEC. Very confusing we know.

  • Alternatively you can sign with a LD Carrier (Long Distance Carrier) or intraLATA PIC who will provide an access code to give you access to an alternate Inter Exchange Carrier (IEC). This gives customers a choice of services.

  • This is where 1-plus long distance can help!!
An international call occurs when a call originating in your LATA goes outside the boundaries of your country. This obviously involves international exchange carriers. These international carriers devolve the calls in the destination countries through their local area networks to the final recipient.

Long distance companies will carry this call and as an alternative long distance call carrier can often offer cheaper rates. This provides the cost coscious caller with a range of competitive call rates.
There are a number of long distance technologies available to the consumer. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. These are more fully described in the individual sections of the 1-Plus Long Distance Website. The current technologies are:-
  • 1+ Long Distance.

  • Calling Cards.

  • Call Back Services.

  • PC to Phone or Voice over IP

  • Dialaround Systems
Your long distance call bills are made up of a number of components. The components can be combined into composite charges. When selecting a carrier you should check that there are no hidden charges. The long distance cost components are generally made up of a combination of the following items:-
Raw Charges:-
  • c/min or c/sec or c/6secs.
  • Minimum usage charge.
  • Call surcharge.
  • Access fees.
  • Time of day component.
Universal Access Fee:- Collected by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) from all LD Carriers. This charge is sometimes included in the rates but more often is a seperate charge.
FCC Fees:- Normally charged /line.
Paper Billing Fee:- What you may pay for a paper receipt if you require one.

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Please note rates are subject to change by the individual carriers from time to time.
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